What are flowers that bees like?

How can I help bees and facilitate their job?

Plant a Pollinator mix of flowers native to your region. Google native plants to your region , find out who sells them and go.
Do not use pesticides of any kind for any reason and advocate for same with neighbours.
Bees are really good at their jobs but that’s a few ways to help.


“How can I help bees & facilitate their job?” As Cedar would say “Ok… that’s a great question”

Give the bees a nice home, that will help them to easily regulate the hive temp.

What the bees really want is shorter flowers & more honey.

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Hi Anita, Sorry, I’m a bit late joining the party here! But if you are thinking in terms of what to plant… some favourites of bees are borage, basil, lavendar, clover and thinking longer term, trees such as oranges. There is also a wonderful book called The Bee Friendly Garden by Doug Puride that you may enjoy - note that the author lives in Australia. But if you are planting plenty of flowers and fruits you are unlikely to go too far wrong :slight_smile:

I suppose peonies! or smth else…

There is a book with the same subject:" 100 Plants to Save the Bees"


Leptospermums!!! Planting lots of Leptospermums is not a bad option.

How many acres do you have?

I adore peonies! But they have too many petals which makes it hard or impossible for honey bees to get at the nectar. Like @JeffH said - shorter flowers, or those that bees can access.

@Anita_Sharp don’t forget about trees and shrubs too - there are loads that provide large amounts of nectar and pollen.


Yeah @Eva , what bees want is more honey & shorter flowers. Similar to us humans, we’re always striving for more money & shorter hours.


This is a tree peony Paeonia × suffruticosa

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Gorgeous!! I forgot about tree peonies - I only have the bushy type and they don’t open like that :cherry_blossom: