What Should I Plant To Help My Bees?

This is what I know… Many bees will help pollinate my flowers and garden. However, most of my bees will fly out to an area of abundant nectar such as an apple orchard, acres of clover or a large grove of basswood or black locust trees.
I have over half-acre, should I try planting buckwheat, clover and other flowering plants to help them out? or should I leave it to the bees, I mean they are quite capable of flying two to three miles to gather nectar.

If you have all that around your area then the bees should be fine. Plant your garden to please yourself. The bees will help themselves, they are good at that :joy:


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It is always nice to have bees visiting flowers in your garden, and you could definitely up their productivity within your garden by drawing them in with plants they love. Clovers are a big draw card, even a small patch is good at attracting lots of bees. Iv actually been trying to get some to grow in shallow pot. But so far it hasn’t been successful as too much water drowns them and they also die off quick when they get dry, so i’ll probably need to grow them around another plant, for better moisture retention. With a large plot of land you could definitely make the most of the area with flowers the bees will love. Lots of wild flowers you can just let take over for a season would be easy enough. The less the bees have to travel the faster they will be foraging, but keep in mind each bee visits 50-200 flowers so they will need a lot to make a noticeable difference.

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