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What are the girls doing here?


I assume this is just the workers coming out to sit on the porch after a hot days work. We had a 35°c (95f) day, but they did this once it had cooled down to about 27c (80f).
They weren’t out for long.
Can anyone confirm my hypothesis?


If the brood temperature is too hot Ron, some of the bees will lower the brood and hive temperature by going out side, gives them a chance to hang about in the cooler air too. It is perfectly natural for that to happen in the summer heat. You might also see bees in the entrance firmly hanging on and fanning air into the hive, that is also normal behavior. Have a tray of water nearby with plenty for the bees to land on and drink.


Thanks Pete
Thought as much.
I’m getting (got) a broodminder for Christmas… Yes I’m already using it.
The internal temp is locked on 34 to 35 so don’t think they were too hot. Probably just coming out for a beer… or a mead.
Love the graphs for the weight and temps. Only got 5 days of data so far. It’s awesome seeing the weight and watching it go up, although not terrible fast so far.
Not sure if spend the money on it myself, but makes a great present.


Up here on the Sunshine Coast lately I am seeing lots of bearding from mid afternoon till after dark then all the bees outside head indoors for the night.
I have been hearing good reports on on the ‘brood minder’ but don’t let it make you a bit slack on regular hive inspections, nothing replace an inspection with a keen eye.
34/35 temperature is ideal in the colony.


No it won’t breed slackness. I only have 1 hive, and going to look after it.
Broodminder is a little costly, but for someone like me who loves stats and graphs… I’m in heaven.
I’m looking forward to having more data, 3 or 4 days isn’t enough to see pattens yet.
It’s a little temperamental connecting to the app, but certainly workable. Had some email contact with them and they’re working on it.They started up the same way and at the same time as the flow people.


There’s always a gossip group that hangs out away from the rest of the ladies so they can talk behind their backs/wings.


Some of them could be “washboarding” from their stance and orientation. Sort of rocking back and forth on the spot, with their mandibles next to the hive wall. Nobody knows why they do it, but it is very common behavior in juvenile bees. :wink:


Hey Dawn,

I had three hives in the same apiary washboarding about a month ago one afternoon. I have read somewhere a hypothesis that it happens at the end of a nectar flow. Although this was mid spring so I’m not convinced of that yet. It was interesting that they were in unison though.:thinking:


I am glad your Broodminder is working great. I reckoned they were just the thing and bought 2 of them but they have never worked properly. Got a few days here and there but a hell of a job linking the Broodminder to my phone.
They now occupy space in my cupboard’s shelf. I still think they are a great idea that just didn’t work for me.


I’ve had a few issues with the length of time it takes to connect to the phone. The broodminder people had been very communicative. I’ve had quite a bit of back and forth with them.
The connection issue is annoying but workable, they say its an android issue and that they are working on it at the moment.