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What are they doing outside the hive?


My mom sent me these pics today around 5:30am. They just sit there calmly and quietly. My first guess was that it was too warm inside?
She’s always concerned, if not afraid, of swarming bees, because we had this case two years ago. Of course, the swarm then settled in their neighbours’ apple tree and those neighbours made a huge fuzz about it. Last time I checked there was no sign of swarm mood visible. They have two brood boxes plus one flow super, which is filled slowly, but surely.


I call that a healthy looking hive: The bees outside are satisfied with the inside conditions of the hive so their help is not needed. If you zoom in closer than is capable by humans at this time, you can see some of them enjoying a glass of mead :wink:


that super is looking good! If the external frame is that full- its likely the ones in the middle are already being capped. Happy days!


:grinning: Angela,

Just hanging out like bees do … As the others folks saiid, it’s normsl. As the weather heats up so does the interior of you hive boxes. They like the thermostat set at about 94 dgs. Gets much hotter n crowded a bunch go out n hang on the front porch so there’s room for those remaining to fan n circulate air n often evaporate H2O stored in honey cells. Like as old fashion swamp cooler. Plus each bee :honeybee: in the box gives off BTU’s of heat …

So keep calm n take care,