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What bee is this? ...🐝

I have some bees living in between the planks of wood on my outside wall. They have been there for a while now and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what type of bee they are.
The bees seem to not be aggressive and I am not sure if they live together or if the are solitary. There is not many probably max 20 which makes me think they may live independently but use the same β€œdoor” to get in and out but I am not sure one of the bees died so I took some photos.
I hope someone would be able to tell me what bee they are.
Thank you, Jaz :laughing:

I’m pretty sure that is a resin bee. I have a few nesting on my verandah.

This is a great page for Australian Native Bees, someone will be able to give you an exact I.D


Thank you so much​:laughing::laughing: I now know it is a Fire-tailed Resin Bee​:grinning:

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Yes you were right it is a Fire-tailed Resin Bee
Thank you for you help​:grin::grin::grin: