What is this small fly?

I don’t have a photo of it …yet but I’m noticing a lot of very small flies around the hive. They are like fruit flies but even smaller. I’ve seen them walking around the hive and in the opening and also seen bees chasing them out. It’s not like there are hordes of them, just fairly prevalent and been around for several days. The bees have been acting a little agitated and out of their hive sometimes when I don’t expect to see them like late in the evening.
I tried searching on here and on the web and can’t really find any info about them so don’t know if they are causing a problem. Have been noticing three or four dead bees lying outside the hive every night.

In the linked video you can see one of the flies at the front of the hive and a few bees out fanning the hive. It’s 17 degrees (61 F) so maybe it’s just too warm in the hive and the few dead bees lying around are just normal housekeeping.

The video is in slow motion.


Did any one respond? your video is not showing up. if no one responses I will get a video and push for a few to reply

I am noticing some little fly’s or Large nats around the entrance. I think that is what they are? Not many but I am not sure what is to many. I am still so new at all this so everything is new to me and still need more experience.

The video doesn’t appear for me, so I’m not sure what flies you are referring to. I’ve had slugs pose a problem around the hive, but not in it. As far as I can tell they are eating the dead/decomposing bees…

As for the fly, does it have one set of wings or two?

I have also seen small, blue flies around the entrance of my hive. I did have a photo but unfortunately I don’t anymore :unamused: I haven’t had any bee casualties but would also be interested in knowing what they are. I’m in North Queensland, Australia

Thank you :slight_smile:

Is this the flying insect? If so, it is a bee…


They are found in warm areas in Queensland, the Nor

Hi all, resurrecting this thread as I came across this topic as I searched for the same answer as to what these tiny little flies are (and if they’re an issue)?

Found a couple of these around 2 days ago. Tonight I can see a couple dozen dotted around the outside of the hive.

Bees don’t seem too bothered by them. They chase them every so often, but generally they each go their own ways.

Anyone know what they are, whether they’re an issue, and if so what to do about them?


Just closing the loop on my post. Had a local farmer drop in and he identified these particular flies as a type of Leaf Miner.

We have leafy crops growing on farms around us and they’re probably attracted to the yellow colour of the hive… Nothing to do with the stores/colony itself.

He said Fruit Fly would be more rounded, and fly slower. These dart much quicker than a fruit fly.