What do bees do if their hive falls down onto the ground?

I believe I would need to locate the queen, and transfer her on a comb to a box or another hive so that all the bees follow her…
Finding the queen makes collecting the bees much easier because the bees from the damaged hive will naturally move into the hive or box once she is in it.
If i don’t find the queen what do i do?

Hi Anita, guessing this happened - sorry to hear it! If you spot the queen easily, great, but don’t spend all your time looking and DO suit up, because they’ll be highly agitated. Focus on restoring the boxes & frames to order, and then let them reorganize. If the queen didn’t make it into the box, you’ll know because the bees will show you where she is by clustering around her. Then you can put a brood frame with uncapped larvae on it next to the cluster, perhaps inside a nuc box or other lidded box, and the cluster including the queen will march in to cover the brood. Once they are in, simply transfer them gently back into the main hive.


Thanks Eva! Yes fully suited up, they were raging! After a few crazy days, thankfully everything seems to be back in order!

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Yep I have almost been there, the hive fell on me though as I jumped in to save it and I had to prop it up with my knee while holding the Flow Super and manoeuvre myself and the hive in a way that I could put the super down and realign the hive on the metal chair I am using to keep it off the ground. Now I use a second hive tool or a pocket knife to keep one side from sticking back down while i’m levering the other side. I also had another hive sink in the mud and start falling in slow motion, It happens. I hope your queen is ok and the bees make a quick recovery, they are pretty resilient being able to bounce back from a lot of major disturbances.

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Great tip, thanks Kieran! That’s been a tricky one for me too.