What do you use in your pest management tray?

I am just a beekeeping nerd… Thank you for tolerating me!


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@Dawn_SD I so didn’t know that….I’ve been using Mineral oil just because it doesn’t seem to have a smell, but I ran out so used Olive oil about ten days ago instead.
Today I watched my hive swarm into a nearby tree, with the aid of my rusty…I mean trusty assistant and husband, we managed to get the swarm into a box (now chilling out at a neighbour’s down the road) for a week :grimacing:
I wonder if that’s what tipped the swarm as they were getting crowded despite adding the super mid January.
Thank you so much for your advice and sharing of knowledge I’ve read loads of your responses to other posts and really appreciate your input :pray:
Now please excuse me as I have a debris tray to clear out of olive oil :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@Dawn_SD, a forum treasure :pray: