Oil dripping out of IPM tray

I’ve been putting oil in my IPM tray. Just enough to barely cover the bottom. Been catching a few beetles a week and the odd mite, moth, or ant. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed oil dripping constantly out of the back left corner, to where the leg and foot have an oil slick and the area smells like a McDonald’s kitchen. Has anyone else had this? Is there a known point that needs a better seal? I don’t see any cracks or anything.

Do you have the white tray?

The cracks are hard to notice until they get dirty or unless you get it really clean and reflect a bright light off. Mine cracked the first week I had the hive.

Check carefully and if you see a crack, clean it well and seal with some pvc glue or silicone caulk.

I plan to replace my tray with the updated yellow FH2+ tray when it is available.


The tray’s on the first version crack easily as I cleaned mine and whacked water off and cracked it. Glue fixed it but I still worry now about leaks of oil too.

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Yes, the white one. I’ll get out the magnifying glass the next time I clean it