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What is the general lifecycle of a bee

Newbie to BeeKeeping. What is the lifecycle of a bee?

Welcome to the forum Nathan where you will find lots of reading and folks happy to pass on advice and tips.
The life cycle of a bee is decided by the queen of the colony depending on the size of the cell she lays an egg into, normally the larger cell produces a drone(male bee) and the smaller cells produce a worker bee. The egg is fed by nurse bees and it become a larvae and continues to be fed and the cell is finally capped where the larvae pupates to become a bee fully formed. A worker bees life span can be from form about 6 weeks to a few months depending on the climate where the hive is located. If by chance a worker bee is needed to defend the hive by stinging the bee dies. A queen bee can live for up to about 5 years till she begins to fail at her only job - laying eggs.
Have a look on YouTube for a video called “City of Bees” and it is worth watching a few times.
Hope that answers your question and sparks an interest in getting a hive.


Good day Nathan whats your setup?

Hey Busso, according to his profile he hasn’t got a hive yet.
Really busy here now taking complete super boxes off traditional hives for extracting, no longer taking a few frames at a time, there is a good flow happening here.
The two remaining Flow Hives in my apiary are dragging the chain a bit but I had to do a split on them both a month ago which would account for the lesser yield now…

Busso jumps in again without all the facts.

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