How long does a honeybee live? How long does a queen live?

Do worker bees live 6 weeks? how about the queen?

During the spring and summer foraging season 6 weeks is pretty average but over winter they can live for 6+ months. The queen can live for many years but her productivity can decrease and many beekeepers requeen more frequently or the colony will swarm or supercede the queen long before she may die on her own.


Anita, your profile shows you have 5 hives - how are things going for you? How long have you been a beekeeper? I must say I’m curious because of all your questions :face_with_monocle:


Hi Eva, I am new to this! I tried editing the information on my account and it doesnt let me… That’s why all the questions! :slight_smile:

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Great! Welcome :hugs: ask away. Do you have any colonies now?