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What is the price for flow hives to shipping india


Hi, I am new…
i would like to try these flow hives bacause i like honey.
Can anyone help me How much it total cost for shipping to india??


I believe their worldwide shipping price is in the $70 US ballpark


Thnks for reply

can you say Total price of Flow hives(Flow Light) + shipping in indian rupee


Go to the main page (link above) and go shopping. Then convert to rupee.

Complete Full Flow™ Hive (ships Feb 2016)






Thank you for replay


Couldn’t resist… I actually wanted to know myself
$773.00US=49,209.53 Indian Rupee


If you are new to beekeeping there is a lot to learn, make sure you start reading and try to connect with beekeepers in your area. This forum has a lot of useful information and it can help you along the way, but local knowledge and face to face support is essential. If you do decide to join the amazing world of beekeeping welcome! and I look forward to hearing about your experiences.


hi jake i wold like to buy this contact me ss3210@gmail.com am fro india mbile number is 9884608111


you need to go to here http://www.honeyflow.com/shop/p/94


Hi Abdul,

To see the shipping prices for India, please go to our shipping table and enter your Country, State and postcode.
This will give you the shipping price for all our products.