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What is this bee got on it

The bee was running around in the hive I can’t make out what it has on it.

Very odd, it could be a wax particle, or perhaps some piece of debris it picked up outside the hive, it looks very thin and somewhat like a plant fiber. Did it appear bothered by it, or like it was removing this from the hive?

To me it appeared to be a problem for it as it ran around a lot
The hive looks very healthy

The shape having harsh corners might suggest it is not natural unless this is just blur of the camera. Could it be something like a small piece of tape? There is a more defined area that kind of looks spidery to me. A very unusual find that is for sure.

I have a vid of it but it’s too large to upload
It looks a bit like a cone shell you find at the beach only tiny

If you upload it to youtube as a public video, then post the share link here, we can all see it and help you. :wink:

Hopefully this works first time upload a vid to youtube

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Well done! It worked perfectly. It looks like she is carrying it in her mandibles. I speculate that it is a wood chip from inside the hive. She will work out how to carry it out and dump it outside. I don’t think that you need to worry

Thank you
That’s a great help

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