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Saw dust like stuff under beehive

Hi everyone!
New beekeeper here and I need help: this morning I noticed lots of saw dust stuff under our hive…what is it? Should we be concerned?

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Hey Faby, welcome to the forum.
Seems like a lot of material to me. Get your gear on and look inside. A full inspection should give you an answer, if not some clues for us to help. Take lots of pics. Someone else here might know already, but the sooner you get in there the sooner you can fix it.

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I agree with @aussiemike that there is a lot of material there under the hive, maybe it is capping wax off the brood. Can you squeeze it together and if does it would very likely be bee wax. But the amount there needs checking out with an inspection and looking for wax moth attack possibly…
Welcome to the forum, lots of reading and folk happy to pass on advice and tips.

Thank you!
Will check it ASAP. This evening was very rainy and windy so couldn’t do it. Hopefully tomorrow.

Could be chewed cappings. I have seen that kind of thing when a hive is being robbed. Any signs of robbing (bees fighting, rolling around near the landing board)? I agree with the above comments that you need to inspect.