What is this ... worm? Larva?

Found this on my SBB.

What is it and is there anything I should do?

Not sure either, but I killed one as I surgically (ahem) removed my bottom board the other day…

Wax moth larva:

Keep the hive strong. Reduce the entrance for winter. I think there is at least one varroa mite in that photo too, so do a count if you haven’t. :blush:


I inspected a flow brood box the other day to help with swarm control. The slider was stuck. However the strong colony had propolized most of it to the screen. The bees kept it beautifully clean. So I encouraged the owners to leave it like that. They were concerned about ventilation during hot weather. I advised them that the entrance is all the ventilation that the bees needed.

Later on I suggested that they feel how hot the hive felt during a hot day in the sun compared to something that was painted white, with the prospect of painting the hive white if the difference was significant.

They had some bearding on hot days while the bees were making no preparations to swarm. Heat must have been the reason for the bearding.


@lipinsky have you looked inside recently? I’d advise a peek to make sure you don’t have loads more larvae. I just lost a colony because of wax moths, that got an advantage after a possible swarm or other queen loss left the remainder too weak to keep them at bay.

I’ts normal to find them on the tray under the screened bottom board. The bees can’t run them off there…