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What size screws

Hi what size screws are the square drive screw used on the Flow Hive?


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Welcome to the Flow forum! :blush:

Most of us here are just beekeepers, but @Bianca or @Freebee2 are Flow employees and they should be able to find somebody to help you. Otherwise you could try emailing info@honeyflow.com with your order number and they will help you :wink:

Hi Geoff, I’m down the road from you in Buderim. The screws that worked well for me were square drive ss decking screws (type 17) Zenith 8G x 50mm. from Bunnings.


Thanks for that I will probably go for the Torx Stainless Screws, find them less likely to strip out than the square head

I had to put 3 fake flows together for a bloke. He supplied these screws that went in beautifully, however I had to buy the appropriate screw gun to insert them.

Good luck with your build, cheers

Thats good to know thanks

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HI Geoffrey,

Welcome to the Flow Forum! You’ll find a wonderfully helpful global community of beekeepers here to share tips and experiences with. I hope you enjoy your exchanges on the forum.

Please also feel free to email info@honeyflow.com if you need any product assistance from Flow. (Contacting us directly will mean that all of your communication is on file and we can access your full account information, hive model, etc.)

Happy beekeeping :slight_smile: