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Flow hive 2 construction


Has anyone else found that the screws for the side windows are too small for the drilled holes?



My 2 Flow Hives had a few extra screws supplied and all were the right size, A visit to your local hardware store to buy stainless steel screws will fix the problem but do not over tighten them, just till the head of the screw is in contact with the window.


I looked at the window screws of my fh2, seem fine. Haven’t put the windows in yet as I’m still tung oiling. They def don’t look too small, just right.
A photo would be good for assessment.


Here is a photo of what I mean. flow%202%20window%20a
The screw fits right through the hole.


Those are not the right screws, you should have flat headed screws wile the one in the photo appears to be a countersunk screw. The right ones should be domed at the top and not flat. That one, if there are two of them, is used on the metal flat bar.


Oh. Screwsh. Might need to buy some o rings. That seems wrong.
You could let @KieranPI know. The flow people will sure send you the correct ones ASAP.
I better go try mine now.


Flat head stainless steel screws are the right ones for the windows. Those screws are not for the window, they are used on the flat metal bar.


They do fit, but only if you screw them in straight.


Some of mine just fall straight through, others just by a fraction of a mm hold…lucky there’s 21 to choose from!


I think (maybe) what’s happened here is the laser cutter has cut the holes fractionally too big. I had some windows laser cut and had issues with some holes. The laser is set to the right size- exactly- but when it cuts the heat cases the hole to ‘punch out’ at a different size.


So glad it’s not just me!


Hi Lynda,

Sorry to hear you are having issues with your Flow Hive.
Can you please email customer support with your email address or order number so that my colleagues who work in manufacturing and faults can help you to resolve this issue.


Can you also please include some photos in your email. This will help my colleagues assess the issue properly.



Thanks for your reply Faroe, I’ve been chatting with Kieran. May need larger screw, but also may need to bee a bit more patient and gentler with the screwdriver. :slightly_smiling_face:


The screws only need to be firmed up till they touch the window pane so it is held in place, no more than that.
Regards :grinning:


You’re welcome :slight_smile: Definitely good to bee :honeybee: patient :slight_smile:
I hope it works for you.