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What slot should I have the corflute board in?

Hi all,

I just installed a 4 frame nuc for the first time! I am just wondering which level I need the corflute board on?
I appreciate in advance all the advice and comments!!!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Welcome and congrats. Based on your climate, top slot should be fine. Keep it nice and cosy for the nuc colony.

I base this on the fact that traditional hives have a solid board.

Those in more warmer/humid climates may want to provide more air flow so will have that option.

Thanks for the reply :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed: I also just noticed this little bug on the board, should I be concerned

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Looks to be wax moth grub. If the colony is strong, nothing to be concerned about. They will assist cleaning up debris left by behind.

If hive is weak however, then remove them, as they can easily overwhelm a weak colony.