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What type of Bug is this


Hi all just received my new never used Cedar Flow hive I purchased from a guy who assembled it but never used it. what I found was some of the timber looked like it had some sort of timber Bug, can any body advise what this is and how I can now treat the timber to kill off any eggs?


Definitely looks like wax moth, especially the way the timber is pitted.

Not sure how it ended up in the hive. Was the hive in an apiary with other hives? Or perhaps in storage with other hives?


Yeah not sure it was delivered to me like that today. It is one of the original ones as the side has a thank you note dated 2015. It was stored in his garage and he did saybhe had other hives.

How do we get rid and or clean everything up. Can I use metholated spirits?


I would use 4% household bleach in soapy (dishwashing soap liquid) water. Rinse well and leave in the sun to dry. That will kill most mould and should dispatch insect eggs too.


Ok thanks for the Tips, can anybody tell me if Flow Hive have made any changes to the HIVE since they came out in 2015, the one I have was one of the first pre order ones and just asking if any changes.

I also did not get the piece of timber that sits in front of the flow Key, the small piece ontop. would any of you have a diagram to make one up


@PAP small improvements have been made since the original campaign however nothing major. If pieces are missing hopefully they haven’t been thrown out in the packaging otherwise it looks like a job for… super @Faroe!!!


Hi George,

Shame about that wood damage, looks like it got some bugs when it was stored by the guy you bought it off.
There have not been any major changes. Is this so you can get the replacement Flow Key Access Cover replaced?
Please email customer support with your order number, and my colleague who works in faults and manufacturing can organise the replacement part for you. Maybe the fellow you bought the hive has the missing part?

Can you please also ask the fellow you bought the hive off to transfer the hive to your details if you haven’t already.


Hi Faroe

I have arranged a new cover with your team in Australia and its on the way. cheers. I have since repaired the HIVE and it looks good as new.



Good to hear, you’re welcome :slight_smile: