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What's that buzz?

Hi there from the Capricorn Coast, keen to reactivate my interest in honey bees (apis melifera melifera) just love the golden Italian variety which are suited to Mediterranean conditions. A hive or two would offset the need for a capping knife and extractor (old school). I can’t wait to get a colony of bees into 21st Century Flow MO and watch our gardens and local revegetation projects simply flourish - a win/win!


Welcome @jimbees!

You are in the right (internet) place to interact with beekeepers of all types. I have kept bees on 2 continents now, and still find them mysterious and fascinating. My favorites are Italians, like yours. My most recent purchased queen is Italian, but she is not as yellow as I prefer. However, I will give her time to prove that she has gentle, productive offspring, and then we will think again in the Spring (here).

If we can help with anything, please ask. :blush:

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