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When Sealing roof of flow hive

I am put some silicone to seal up any cracks in the roof to make water tight. Does there need to be some gaps like the ones in pic.
Or can I seal them all up?

Hi there, mine are the original classic flow hives, and I do not have any gaps there. I don’t know whether they changed the design. That gap doesn’t look right though.

It is very important to make sure it doesn’t leak any water. Mine leaked heaps and eventually the top bits had to be replaced. I won’t use silicone, I prefer paintable caulk like the Polyfilla flexible gap sealant or similar.

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I took the roof apart and re did it all. It’s sitting flush now. Thanks for the advice.

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If you need to fill any gaps then I prefer ‘Selleys No More Gaps’ as it can be painted while silicone repels paint.