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When to add the queen excluder


I have read that when putting a conventional honey super on it it a good idea to let leave the queen excluder off for a few days to encourage the bees to draw comb. Do Flow Hive users recommend the same for the flow frames or should I put the excluder on from the start?



I did not, the girls went right up there and started filling in the cracks. several others are reporting the same


Hi Pat,
Beekeepers have very different views on to-queen-exclude or not-to-queen-exclude. I personally have not had any issues with bees going up to the supers or flow or seen any hindrance to the bees using queen excluders. I do however follow a couple of simple beekeeping rules:

  • adding a super only when the bees are full to the brim in the brood chamber
  • adding a super when bees begin building comb on top of frames in the brood (or super) or on the roof
  • add a super when there is a major honey flow is about to begin