When to introduce Flowhive?

So after recently splitting my hive think one of the hives may be ready for the Flowhive.

The bees have been filling up the brood and have filled 6 of the 10 frames and bits of the other 4.
I’m in Western Australia and the flowers are full on as is the weather.

Last year I feel I introduced the Flowframes way too early. Virtually on top of the new nucleuses.
I have a hive that has a filled brood box and a flow hive super.

My Flow hives are 7 per super and replace 10 full frames.


The typical rule of thumb is to add space when the bees have occupied 80% of the space they have.

The other thing to consider too is to make sure that your bees have enough resources to make it thru winter. So depending on where you live that could be one deep box or two deep boxes.

Thanks for that.
Looks like I’ll be adding the Flowhive today.
We’re just in spring and the Eucalyptus trees are in full bloom.

Just a little concerned that your hive may not be ready if it has been recently split. I found the Flow worked most successfully when the hive was bursting with bees and there was a nectar flow on. If your brood has only filled 6 of the 10 frames then I would wait at least another 2 weeks and check again. Personally for me I wait until I see brood across all 10 frames at this time of the year, but you need to keep an eye on whats flowering in your area and whether those flowers have a good nectar content. There are books available (in NSW) that describe nectar and pollen quallity, not sure about W.A.

More food for thought.

Hi Rodderick. Do you have a title or information on where you can get a copy of these NSW pollen and nectar books?


Hi Tom,
There is a well written book available ,on the Rural Industry research site.

Bee Friendly Planting Guide for Pollinators

Just grabbed the PDF and It’s excellent, very thorough. Thanks.