When to put super on, Mudgee, NSW Australia

Help! I am a newbee - I have had my FlowHive since April, when a queen and brood were installed in my broodbox. I have successfully nursed them through winter by feeding with sugar and water. With spring imminent I have just inspected the box (for the first time) to see if I should put the super on. I had expected the outer frames to have most of the bees and wax, but all the activity is centred around the middle frame. What does this mean? And should I be putting the super on now, or waiting for a few weeks?

Hard to tell without photos. Any chance you could post some of a few frames to show us what you mean?

Wait till the frames in your brood box are all built, stocked and covered with bees. Its too early for a super on a new hive at Mudgee ATM.


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