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When to put on the super in Central Victoria Australia?

Hi everyone,

I have overwintered the hive, and am now looking for the best time to put on the super.
The bees are out and about on the wattle blossoms, but I suspect we may have one or two more morning of frost before Spring is here.
Should I put the Flow super on now? Or wait till all the cold weather has gone?
How do you know the best time in your area to add the super?

Many thanks


For me, the answer is an Arnia hive monitor, but that isn’t practical for most people… :smile:

You ask your local beekeepers when the major nectar flow starts, then you wait a week or two, inspect your hives, and when the hive is busting with stores, you add a super. It is all about assessing what the bees have already and working out how much they can afford to share. You need them to have enough to build up a work force for the coming season, so they should take the first of the available harvest. But to assess that, you need to get up close and personal with the bees. :blush:

There is rarely a great nectar flow in “cold weather” = less than 15C… :wink:

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Open your hive and see how they are after winter. Wait till they are really pumping before putting the flow super on. Many bees don’t like going through a QE so let them expand and put it on when a good flow starts.


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Thanks for all your replies, I’ll go out today and have a good look to see how well they are doing.
I’ll also contact my local mentor.