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Where can I buy a bait hive / swarm trap


I have seen lots of posts on building my own bait hive. But I hoped there was somewhere (in Australia) to buy a ready made trap.

Does anyone know a supplier?



Hi Kate,
The ideal size for a Swarm trap is a 7-8 frame hive. So, basically you can buy an 8 frame from any beekeeping store and its pretty much ready to go. Just put in some frames with a some wax and order yourself some swarm lure such as Swarm Commander online.


Thanks Rodderick,

Would your answer be the same for native bees? Or do they prefer a different setup?



Oh Yes, very different. Two different types, colonising bees and solitary bees. Native colonising like to setup in log hollows with a very small entrance, and they are small bees typically 2-3mm long. Solitary natives like Blue Banded, Teddy Bear, Carpenter bees will roost on branches, burrow into dirt, or nest in leaf nests. All are fascinating and complex.