Where can I find medical grade umf 15+ manuka honey?

Hello everyone! New forum member here :smiley: Do any of you know where I can find medical grade umf 15+ manuka honey? I want to make sure it has been gamma irradiated to eliminate any pathogens.

I could not find any with medical grade certifications doing a google search or on amazon.

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Hi Richard,
Not so much Manuka, however there is a Medical Doctor here in Australia who produces medical grade in 10gm sachets that has been irradiated, this has been tested successfully on patients within the hospital system here as a wound dressing and found to be effective against killing pathogens and thus reducing the need for patients to be on long term antibiotics. She may be able to post overseas if this is what you are looking for.

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Thank you. I was wondering how the other companies obtain medical grade manuka honey, for example, this manuka bandage says “medical grade manuka honey”


Same with this little tube:


Is there some way to contact medical grade manuka honey suppliers somewhere? I don’t mind if they’re inconvenient and overseas. I am looking forward to release my own line of manuka honey bandages, but I need to make sure everything is sterile for safety.


We are using Medihoney at our Medical Centre (Mullumbimby Comprehensive Health Centre) for years. It’s really effective and all our doctors use it successfully.
It’s also used at local hospitals.
Here is a link to the MediHoney products:

Welcome to the forum! You can find medical-grade UMF 15+ Manuka honey at specialty health stores or online retailers that specialize in medical-grade products. It’s essential to ensure that the honey has been gamma irradiated to eliminate pathogens, so be sure to check the product description or contact the seller directly for verification.

If you’re having trouble finding it through Google or Amazon, consider searching on health-focused websites or reaching out to local health food stores for assistance.