Where to buy Beekeeping equipment in Thailand online?

Hi everybody i have many bees on my land in pranburi (In Thailand) and i would like to care it and take honey…
I am totaly new i know nothing but i want to begin.
But what i will need?
And the more important think is where to buy the gear and protection and hive and smoker etc …in Thailand ?
Thanks for your help buy it online it will be fine for me or if some know one shop in Pranburi.

Hi, it seems there are some shops in the Chiang Mai area, but keep in mind that most Thai beekeepers are not working as the rest of the world.
I buy most of my equipment online, through Ebay and that ships most often quickly.
I have one Flow-hive in Bangkok for some months now and while they bees are happy, there has not been much honey flow yet. That might have been because of the rainy season, with lots of green foliage but few flowers. I hope it will get better now.

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Thanks Rob nice to read from you.
For information i made an investigation for learn more about the bees i have on my land in Pranburi and the bee called Apis Dorsata Fabricius. GIANT BEE 2,5 cm long…
Click on the link below video from youtube it s exactly the same thing i have on my land it s so big and looks heavy…

Apis Dorsata Fabricius

But i don’t know when is the good moment for take the honey from the Apis Dorsata Fabricius.
i would like to protect them but soon we have to build severals bungalow over there.

So i will begin this new hobby soon as possible.
Please could you send me the link equipment listing from ebay i should buy for beginning?
i have no idea about the price including bees and queen and where to buy it.
i want something cheap cause i am new.
i am in Nonthaburi 40 km from Bangkok and also in Pranburi.
there is along time i want to start this hobby.
but i don t have enough knowledge.
thank you Rob and sorry for my poor english.

Hi Danie, I am not an expert, my bee-keeping experience is only a few months old… but the bees you are looking at are wild bees and also of the migrating type. So they do not really want to be in a bee-hive like “domesticated” honey bees.

They are also known to be aggressive, so I don’t think you should try to “keep” them, just protect the area where they live.
I received my bees, the European type, from a Bangkok honey shop, I will try to get the address.
When you search Ebay for Beekeeping equipment you will find many shops offering tools, suits, etc.

Before you start, try to read a lot about it, i suggest.
Best wishes,

Yeap Rob i know about the Apis dorsata can not domesticate but can take one part of the honey :wink:

but i would like to know where did you bought your equipment and bees? and how much does it cost you?
I was looking for on Ebay but i saw nothing from Thailand and import it s very exxpensive.
and wich bees did you have?
your short experience can help me because i don t have any experience…


Hi, You will not find much for sale in Thailand, except around Chiang Mai, I heard.
But I did not search for that.
There are several sellers on Ebay, search on bee-equipment or bee suits and you will find them
Some are from China / Hong Kong and in general they ship fast and not too expensive.
I got a bee suit for my 7 year old kid from England also via Ebay.
It was not too expensive, you just have to shop around.


Hi Danie
Sorry this is a little off topic and a very old thread but…
I was wondering if you got anywhere with this? I live near Pranburi and am becoming very interested in setting up a hive/hives and would be very interested in your experience in attempting this.
My current knowledge about how to go about this is zero!

Have you looked on Lazada?

hows your hive buddy

The queen died or disappeared after about 1 year, I think it was also too wet, that year. Other bees robbed the remaining honey and then it was deserted. Ii still have the upper box if anyone is interested. The bees did close all the gaps with propolis but never started to fill with honey. Nowadays I have 2 small hives with stingless bees and they seem more resilient to the Thai climate.

ahh shame that happened .but youve adapted…im still trying to find a nuc here in samui…all i get is .no havee its frustrating to say the least…a lot more foraging going on around my gardens at the moment im tempted to set a trap can i ask where you got your bees from

The stingless bees are provided by a group of enthusiasts under the name of 99hives. Here is a link if you want to become part of it:




thanks rob ill take a look…but im all read up and setup for regular honey bees :pray:

Hi there Steve,
I’m new here but , keen to establish a hive/Flow hive on our land in Hua Hin. We currently have a hive of local Thai honey bees that’s growing under a timber statue. I’m hoping to move them to a hive/ flow hive.
Not 100% committed just yet! I’m used to Aussie stingless bees…

Have you sourced flow gives in Thailand yet? I see them on-line ,but unsure of the build quality…

Happy to take on board and advice or suggestions.