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Will ultrasonic pest repellers help me?



Im having problems with roaches and mices in my barn and I wanted to ask some people that have knowledge about pests and I hope im in the right place… so to the topic.

I was searching about the ultrasonic devices on the web and I have stumbled upon this site http://termitedroppings.org/ultrasonic-pest-repellers-reviews/

The review made me almost to buy the triple high impact device, but… first I wanted to ask some fellow folks on forum what they think about the devices, so here I am.

Any reponse would be greatly appreciated.


I have found the best way to get ride of those pesky mices…is with a bucket, plastic bottle and peanut butter.

Google ‘‘mice bucket trap’’. It really works great.


I do not prefer to buy ultrasonic Repellers, I normally prefer to eliminate roaches and mites by calling up a professional pest controller.


Using of ultrasonic pest Repellers frequencies will temporarily disturb the pests. For me the best way to get rid of pests, is to use the right materials and right knowledge. I have read an article that for rodent control in Antioch it has said that there are some earth friendly and effective pest control team, who will be fast, accurate, and provide best professional services for eliminating roaches and rodent.


Yes, ultrasonic pest repellers will help you.