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Would an ultrasonic pest deterrent impact bees at all?

I’ve got a chipmunk problem in my backyard, and was considering putting some ultrasonic deterrents in the yard - but wanted to make sure I didn’t impact the bees at all, especially considering that the products out there claim to deter ants and spiders… so I would think that bees may be messed with as well?



Yes it will affect the bees.

Wasps, spiders, beetles and bees have “chordontonal” or tympanic membranes that sense ultrasonic vibrations


Any other suggestions on how to remove chipmunks? Pet fox or coyote (nor a cat or dog at this time) aren’t really an option…

Thanks! Working a multi-pronged approach…

Nothing working at this point. Going to try the water bucket…

As far as science is concerned, such devices don’t effect much of anything

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I used to get a lot of spiders in my bedroom, nasty ones like White tails & bought one of those ultrasonic devices, it had no impact whatsoever. I once saw a mouse sitting under it cleaning itself & just pottering about. Complete waste of money.

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Since dogs n cats are not an option … Not sure what to tell you. As a furnace tecnmian I’ve seen these devices near heating equipment with mouse dropping, spider webs n insect evidences still around n in the heating/cooling equipment. I’d say personally … "Save your $$$'s ! ". They often come with a solid or blinking little light on them to catch your eye n make you think all is well n doing the job ! Good thing about them … They don’t use much energy ! Good luck … These are like the many catchy looking n colorful fishing lurers I’ve purchased. They caught me but “No Fish yet” :wink: Gerald

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Proven in my case as well. Poison in the holes and will go with “the bucket method” next.

If we are speaking about electronic bug repellents I think they are can repel bees at all. But I don’t sure, cause I don’t see how he is repel them, only bugs like mosquitoes and etc. Based on the name - it can!
But, if we are talking about rat repeller - I think he is don’t work on the insects.