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Ultrasonic sound and bees...?


I’m looking at getting an ultrasonic dog collar and separate ultrasonic sound emitter to help train my dog to stop barking at the neighbour’s dog. However, I’ve got no clue on if the emitter will affect the hive (it will be placed within 5m of the hive). Has anyone got any experience or useful anecdotes that might shed light on off it will be an issue?

(my quick online searching seems to indicate it should be ok as everything about bees and sounds tended to refer to low frequency noise and not high frequency)


I’m not judging you but as a retired veterinary surgeon I urge you to look at this


@Dee Interestingly I’ve read that. However, unless I get the barking of a night under control I’m going to have other issues (I.e council). I’m certainly not in favour of the static shock collars and I don’t want citronella all over my furniture. This only leaves the vibration and ultrasonic collars as an option for during the night. I’m all ears for other suggestions though.


Oooops replied without reading the whole op
Ultrasound ok as far as bees go


@Dee no problems. You didn’t say anything wrong anyway. I’m happy to hear someone else’s opinion…I’m full of them myself :wink:


While bees can feel vibrations they can’t here. Subsonic would be more likely to upset the bees than supersonic…