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Winter beekeeping course: is it wise?


I was looking at attending a beekeeping course later in the year, and I saw a website advertising one in Cape Town in June. Being in the southern hemisphere, it is our winter, albeit a mild Mediterranean climate. We receive our rain in winter, and our climate is just a little warmer than San Francisco.

My question is this, would it we beneficial to attend this course? Would it not be detrimental to the bees? Also, if there’s no honey flow, would I be gaining the same amount of knowledge as one would when attending such an event in spring/summer?

Warm regards



I have been in Cape Town in June, and it was lovely weather for bees! Honey flow isn’t the main thing - learning to inspect properly is perhaps more important. :smile: I would grab that course with both hands, and then do one in Spring too, if offered. You might also make some contacts for sourcing bees.



I always second a chance to learn. Opertunitues to see, hear n more are your best tool to help learn. You’ll be rubbing shoulders with other beekeeper n learning out of class too.

In the last two seasons I’ve taken/been in at least 12 to 15 beekeeping classroom n field learning experiences. I’ve leaned helpful bits even in repeat courses as new n newer thioughts n data are always becoming available.

Go for it !
Gerald !


Thanks, guys! Sound advice