Winter snow care of hive

Hi everyone this is my first post . Am still waiting on my first honey flow hive and bees. My question is am in idaho and i get about 2 ft of snow at times what should i do to protect them from being snowed in. Any suggestions or ideas for this old beginner bee keeper

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Hello and welcome!

The snow is actually a good thing compared to snowless cold as the snow itself provides good insulation for the hive and clustered bees.

So, really, your winter prep is the same. Making sure the hive is right-sized and the bees have enough stores for the winter. Most here would recommend insulating the top and even the sides of the boxes.

The bees will maintain and entrance even when there is quite a bit of snow coverage.

You might check out @FrederickDunn and his collection of excellent beekeeping videos on YouTube as you’re continuing your learning journey. He is in the snow belt in PA and has more than a few pearls of wisdom on cold/snowy/winter management.


Welcome @gary04! Frederick Dunn is a great resource, and to the other good advice Alok gave you I’d just add that when I get enough snowfall to block entrances I do go clear them, before it has a chance to turn too solid or icy.