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Winterizing Flow Hive in Freezing cold Canada


I live in Winnipeg Canada where winters can be as cold as -30 for days and even weeks. What would be the best method to protect my bees during an extreme winter?


Other than moving south, make sure the bees have honey, stay dry, and have protection from the wind. You should have already dealt with the mites.


Hi there - put ‘winterizing’ in the search box on the forum & you’ll find tons more good advice. There are a few options like thick insulated wraps that go right around the hive, heavier outer covers, and moisture quilts to combat condensation. If you know any local beekeepers with more experience, see what they think is most successful, keeping in mind that scale might factor in to their decisions. I assume you get a lot of snow, so you’ll need to watch that the entrance stays clear because bees do need to leave the hive to defecate even in cold weather.