Winter Storm Warning in So. California

The citrus trees are starting to bloom and you wouldn’t ever guess that an arctic blast is heading our way. Nighttime temps are supposed to be near freezing on Tues/Wed.

Meanwhile, I’m picking oranges, so if you drive by my house, grab a bag!


Can you believe someone took my galvanized ice bucket? I should have chained it down! But you know, people leave things out on the street that they don’t want…

The gorgeous free oranges weren’t enough?? Rude :expressionless:

I hope the arctic blast doesn’t last long!

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There will be major suffering… The temperatures are going to plummet… Truly freezing!!! It will get as cold as 55°F during the day time!!! Even as low as an intolerable 38°F at night!!!

OK, so San Diegans are a bunch of wusses compared with you Pennsylvanian toughies…