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Snow Hive in Georgia


It isn’t always warm here in Georgia :wink:
Brushed off the landing board after this…


I am sure it is probably lovely wet, damp snow. The kind that freezes into an ice block if the temps continue to stay below 32 degrees. I went out and climbed up the drift that has formed around my hives and put my ear up to the boxes. Could hear the buzzing inside both. Temps have been well below zero at night here for almost a week and a half. -16 the last two mornings on the ride to work.


We’re looking at getting back into the low 40s again next week in Seattle. I’ll bet the plumbers will be busy fixing the pipes that froze and split when things thaw out. I cring every time one of my girls goes out on a cleansing flight because only a few make it back to the warmth of the hive. The snow in front of my hives is speckled with dead bees.

Made my first nuc the other day and getting set to make up a few more now that I have worked out some hiccups. I’m making them out of a 1x12x10’ board and my skill saw. Might try the plywood ones like you built next summer after we get the table saw free from the back of the shed where it’s been hiding for a few years. :blush: