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Wiring Frames After Cross Comb Removal


Just started reading up on dealing with cross comb formation.
This is the only scenario where I hope to need to wire; needing to remove comb then reorient it with wire.
If steel wire, what kind of material and what gauge?
Why not fishing line?

Thank you.


22 to 28 gauge wire is fine. Steel will rust less, but cost more. Your hardware store should carry something suitable on small spools.

Fishing line works fine. Lots of folks prefer it. 12 to 30 lb.


I wouldn’t re-orient it with wire. If the wire is not embedded, it can cause all sorts of problems. If you want to remount comb into a frame, most people use rubber bands, and I think @JeffH has used cotton thread held in place with thumb tacks on occasion. It needs to be something that the bees can chew through when they have attached the comb.


Hi @Jstrano

maybe this will help:


Cheers Flo