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Flow frame wires/cables replacement

Hello, what could be the best flow frame wires replacement? Does anyone know how is this wire type called? What equipment should I use to make the connect?


Perhaps @Faroe. could answer this.


It looks little bit like a gear cable from a bicycle :thinking: but I would still need to figure out what sort of solder they use to connect the ends together

I am sure you could buy replacement wire from Flow Hive direct, then you would know you are getting exactly what you need. I am sure the cost of getting by air-mail wouldn’t be much either. As a quick fix you could try stainless steel wire of the same thickness. Welcome to the forum Jan, you will find good reading and advise here.

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Hi @Jan_Pesl, have the wires broken or are they just loose? You can twist them to adjust the tightness if that’s the issue, rather than replace them.

I am located in Norway where we use different beehive standard, therefore the flow frames are significantly shorter after adjustments. I have indeed tried twisting the cables, but they are way too long to keep the frame together.

I will try melting the solder tomorrow using both soldering station and heatgun, we will see if this is a way to go…

That’s interesting about the frame length. Dob you know if the size has a ‘name’?

While you’re waiting for @Faroe to comment, have you considered picture hanging wire? You should be able to crimp the ends together…

This won’t truly help you but it will give you an idea of the type of wire I had in mind…

That is a cool suggestion! Many of my friends are actually painters but I didnt even consider it!
At this stage, I am mostly worried about the connection - how should I crimp it to make it last.

I will attach a small table with comparison of different standards. 39 The first one is full frame, the second one is half frame. I intend to use flow frames in the honey super designed form the full norwegian frames and make it a little bit lower. All that needs to be done is to stick with 30 stable parts per flow frame and it fits perfectly. But then, I have to modify the bloody wires :slight_smile:

You should be able to find something where you buy the framing wire. Failing that, check a fishing tackle shop. You should be able to find something there, as you can crimp wire trace when fishing…


Resolution: I have found the best substitute in the fishing store. They sell both the steel cables of corresponding thickness as well as the crimps. I have settled on aluminium crimps as the best choice.


Can your share information on the cable sizing?

I use steel wire 0,89 mm thick and cut it into 88 cm long loop for the top wire and 85 cm for the bottom wire. The crimps are 1 mm x 1,8 mm, made from aluminium.


Nice work, and very useful information. Thank you for sharing it. :wink:

Just remember that length of wire is for a shortened frame length…the table clarifying is just a few posts back up… Flow frame wires/cables replacement


Thats correct. The original wires were 99 cm and 95 cm long.


You’re a champ! Thanks!

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