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Your missing the greatest comedian of all time Olly - Donald Trump, always good for a laugh. :laughing: :laughing:


I’ll take the bait Peter48

An aquaintance of mine just got back from Australia…he was on a large estate in the outback for a couple of weeks. The owner of the estate was a guy who had been buying up “stations”…large ranches that were formally used for raising sheep. The size of the estate was huge…153 square miles and my aquaintance couldn’t figure out what made this whole set-up function…it was just sand and scrub bush…no farming. Then he found out that the owner was being paid $1/acre/yr…to the tune of $370,000 per year…astounding amount for unproductive land.

It turns out that some industrial company elsewhere in the world was playing by the new rules…the company was a large emitter of greenhouse gases and had to neutralize their carbon footprint so they were buying carbon credits by purchasing the carbon-absorbing quality credits of the Australian outback to become carbon neutral. This carbon neutrality is the stamp of approval to international trade…you want to trade, then you better play by the new rules. It’s the equivalent to a new tax…and that tax goes back not to green projects or government general revenues that benefit all citizens of the country but to landowners who have title.

So you have to ask yourself, do the present politics of the planet really have to do with the environment/virus in the first place?

A good portion of the world’s governments, including the US don’t take the climate change agenda or the corona virus seriously as seen by yesterday’s announcement by the US to suspend air travel to the EU countries but not The Schengen Area… the UK, Ireland. Bulgaria, Croatia, and Romania.

Whether right or wrong, there are many Flowhive beekeepers on this forum from the US that may support Trump’s policies and for you to refer to their elected leader as a “comedian” is insulting and may act as a deterrent for them to participate in the Flowhive forum…then we all lose.

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No bait intended Doug.
In Australia in my opinion the carbon credits farce only benefits the land holder and is nothing more than a loop hole that allows big corporations to continue polluting the world.
We too have politicians that are in denial and happily spin misinformation when it suits them and their political masters. The spin they were pedaling a month ago has been proven wrong by the medical experts and events over that time but it seems many are not up to date.
I’m not implying in any way that the politicians are the cause of the virus but it is the governments thru the world that should react using the best information available to them from the experts about medical issues. It should be rather obvious that since the virus was found in China that every day the issue has only gotten worse.
Fake news will only make it worse as I don’t know what version of the truth is reliable.


Hi Olly, we’re not big on tv. It never goes on til about 5.30 or later. Then it goes off at about 8.30 - 9.00, I have to get to bed early if I’m going to be beekeeping the next day. I found these shows (the Closer Look segments) on the internet. I’ve seen every one for the past few months. There seems to be about 3 a week. Sometimes I’ll catch up on the weekend.

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Hey Doug - I really like your beekeeping posts but this rambling post of yours gave me a bit of a chuckle :slight_smile: Looks like you took @Peter48 imaginary bait, hook line and sinker.

I usually hate politics as it makes me sick, but @Peter48’s tongue in cheek comment that Mr.T is a comedian is actually an extremely mild “insult” compared to the insults he hurls himself to everyone else. I’m sure his supporters are tough enough to take it on the cheek…

Thing is, The Donald’s policies will not just affect his supporters, as you refer to them, but everyone else on the planet.

BTW, for the sake of accuracy and stamping out “fake news”, the ban includes countries from the Schengen Area, not excludes them. :slight_smile: It only sidesteps his own travel resorts.

Ok… maybe we should steer the topic back to Woodworking and other hobbies, and stuff we grow and eat.
(@JeffH your post was funny, but I saw what you did there :fishing_pole_and_fish:)

Hi Zzz, I took the word “hobby” literally. I can honestly say that following these segments “A Closer Look”, is a recent hobby of mine. However I’m not producing anything with my hands this time, maybe it’s not a hobby but a serious interest.

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It didn’t bother me at all Jeff. But those that grow shrinking violets may find it ‘insulting’… :slight_smile:

Everyone’s favorite president is at it again. He wants to kick-start the American economy, causing a sharp “v” in the stock market at the expense of millions of Americans trying to avoid the virus.

He is buoyed by the low mortality rate of the Covid-19 sufferers. He as also buoyed by the average age of the deaths in Italy being 85.

He’s definitely acting out of self interest. It’ll be an interesting hobby to read & observe what happens over the coming weeks.


I’m taking up your hobby Jeff, so I can legitimately comment on this thread :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No way. We cannot ruin the economy and our way of life to save a few thousand lives in each country - mostly old and vulnerable people anyway, so a bit of social cleansing won’t hurt in the long run.

I called my day this morning, he’s 74, just had angioplasty and locked in home, but said he agreed with the US president and he’s ready die for the economy if he gets the virus.

Did you mean your dad, not day?

I think Trump is at odds with his medical advisers. He claims that the cure is worse than the disease. I’m sure that a lot of fair minded people would disagree with him.

I’m a couple of years younger than your dad (same as @Peter48). I’m not keen to sacrifice myself for the economy. I want to see how next years dragon fruit crop turns out, not to mention I’ve got a few more splits & crops of honey to harvest left in me. Some of my Chinese water chestnuts failed this season. I want to get next season underway with no failures.


Yes, my typo. Sorry Jeff.

He will soon fire those medical advisers and replace them with ones aligned with his own views.

I can only follow US politics from the safety of my home office. I find it very surreal and fascinating, until I remember it is non fiction.

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I’ve been following this topic and held back till now about commenting. I’m sure Trump is on his own in saying the Corona Virus in the US will be a thing of the past there by Easter as he said last night. A shame he deals in fantasy and not the reality and the gravity of this epidemic. Wonder where he gets his information, definately not from his medical advisers.
I’m with you Jeff, we have both paid enough into the economy and still contributing to society and earned the right to live. A persons age should not determine there right to basic health care, with or without the Corona Virus.

The mind boggles at that comment and glad your thinking is in a minority attitude. It sounds just a little harsh thinking.

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Maybe you were caught up in the surreal when you wrote that @Zzz?

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@Peter48 & @Eva, Zzz is just kidding :slight_smile:


Pete and Eva, just to clarify, my comment was meant to be sarcastic of course. (I’m not good on doing sarcasm online :neutral_face:)

Seems that Mr. President is more keen to save the economy, than the lives of those vulnerable if he disregards his medical advisers and opens up everything by easter. I’m glad my family is not in the US, because my elderly parents are vulnerable. Not that we’re doing a fantastic job here mind you, but at least we’re not as bad yet.

And to spice things up a couple of notches, the minister that hosts weekly bible studies for the president’s cabinet (really, that’s a thing?), said that coronavirus is God’s punishment for gay people and environmentalism. :rage:


Looks like the orange man is finding favor in Australia…since he made the questionable “Easter” comment…

Wait a minute…lots of green here…looks like most countries in the world suffer from the same illusion. :sunglasses:

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If you want, you can support the bible study ministry with a one off donation of $250 or monthly installments by direct debit. I didn’t see what the options were in relation to the direct debits.

Hi @Doug1, plenty of green down here as well. 3 days running, I suspect a 4th one today.

Money printing: The people who sold their shares at the bottom didn’t consider that.


I’m wondering why you think Donald Trump is finding favor in Australia?
It is only a couple of weeks till Easter and those that wish to believe his fake news will ignore what he has claimed. I guess those that think his Easter claim isn’t questionable will believe anything he says.

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I think he’s giving every American $1200 to ride through this…wonder if the cheque will bounce?

A photo of a grocery store in my area:

Appears if that food/supplies shortage didn’t last long.

In the last week we sold two months worth of honey…our liquifier (all of our honeys here naturally granulate) was going 24/7 but things will likely return to normal…just like the store shelves.

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Your way in front with the supermarket shelves here mainly empty.
Our Government in Australia is giving away money which is a bit of a joke when the same government has forced shut downs on most businesses that aren’t providing essential services. A catch 22. Of course the businesses forced to close has caused mass sackings. Price gouging is rampant so the value of money is reducing daily.