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Cane Toads in Australia


I live on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia and every night Cane Toads gather around the base of blocks that support my hives. I collect and exterminate them when I can, but to my horror I have on two occasions found that they have jumped over 15 inches on to the blocks and found their way to the hive entrance.
All the reading I have done tells me that Cane Toads jump no more than 6 to 9 inches and cannot climb. Unquestionably they can jump higher.
My question is do any other Australians (or others) have a solution for a problem like this other than the obvious of elevating the hives.


Change to top entrances…



Thank you Michael. Makes good sense


Appreciate your suggestion Michael. Loving your youtube stuff. Thank you


Hi Ken, all I can do is state the obvious. My normal stands are 2 lots of 2 besser blocks high with two hardwood rails on top to sit the hives on. That seems to be too high for the cane toads, however they do extremely well feeding on the bees that get kicked out. My approach in relation to the entrance is to stick with a bottom entrance.


Hi Jeff
Thanks for your comments. Have you had a not so good experience with top entrances? Not come across anyone down this way who has them so would definitely be a change of mindset. Appreciate your input. I admit I’m not over fussed about changing to top entrances


Hi Ken, no I haven’t tried them. Plus I don’t know anyone else who has tried them. I just think from the point of view of the bees cleaning out debris, especially chalk brood mummies, a bottom flat solid floor would be far superior.

It certainly would be a change of mindset, however I’m sure down under beekeepers in the past would have tried it.


Hi McBee. I live in Cudgera Creek, Nth NSW, just south of the boarder our home is weatherboard, on stumps and we have standard sizing for our steps into the house, and the toads, jump up the steps and into the verandah and into the bathroom, Yikes. It’s a new thing. We’ve been in this place for about 11 yrs and toads in the bathroom are new. They are evolving, rapidly.

Yep, as #JeffH says use an extra bessa block and it may be better for your back too. In winter we are bit cooler than you so I’ll have to find a work around which will create some insulation for the hive in winter. Good luck with it.


Hi everyone, I’m experiencing the same problem in Brisbane. Just killed 3 cane toads sitting under my hive, which is a nightly occurrence and getting very frustrating! I have one of the new flow hives on a stand, which I’ve now raised by 4 bessa blocks. The problem is that they now just jump on to the blocks and sit under the stand entrance! Help! Has anyone figured out how to block the gap between flow hive stand and concrete blocks the legs sit on??


Hi Alisha, I found the best way is to keep removing them. I put them in a bag in the freezer. Dead rats go in the same bag. When the bag’s full, I dig a hole in my vege garden, then I bury them with a dusting of dolomite. I find a spot I’m not going to be digging for a few months.

I found that by constantly removing them, the number dwindle. Although you’d be forgiven for not thinking so. I found the ideal grabber for them is a granny grabber. If I’ve misplaced that, a long pair of barbeque tongs works well.

PS, we double bag the toads & rats.