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Wormwod artemisia use in bee ives

Flow Forum has some good stories. just wanted to make mention a story on the bees and artemisia - wormwood. Breaking off a handful of silvery leaves and placing them under the lid of the beehive, after 2 weeks it is noted that the leaves are gone and only a desiccated twig remains, other times the twig and leaves are desiccated but intact. After 25 years of using this herb my bees are disease free or so it seems. Additionally I plant artemisia close to the hive for shade and the plant seems to repel or discourage ants from digging and going into the hive. Can make a TEA using hot water and artemisia leaves then pouring it on the ground around the hives. I get the impression that the bees make use of this herb to cleanse themselves and their hive as might be required. there does not appear to be any ill-effect from using this herb. The silvery bushes can grow to six feet tall and five feet across, They get pruned in the late fall and spring back to life during spring and summer. personally, I love the unique pungent smell. Have seen organic gardeners using it. A row of vegetables, next a row of artemisia etc., not too close together but at a clever distance to repel unwanted insects. in cases of severe ant invasions, artemisia planted all around a big farm shed keeps the ant at a respectful distance as the oils from the roots permeate the surrounding soil which discourages the ants. Hope you find this information of some use.


An interesting read Daniel, I have heard of it being a herbal treatment for malaria and intestinal infections by chewing the leaves, For humans of course.
Welcome to the forum, lots here to read and get good tips and advice.