Wormwood and Bees

I wanted to get some wormwood to keep away wax moth but the only one I could get was the Roman (green leaves) Wormwood. Will that work as well as the silver leaves one?
How far away from the hive should it be to be effective against wax moth etc.

Not what you asked about, but thought this might also be helpful:

There are instructions for how to make wax moth traps in that post. I’ve used these successfully & plan to make new ones soon for spring. I have some silver wormwood planted around my property, as well as a type of very strong mint that I only know as “mountain mint” - would you/how would you recommend using these to deter wax moths?

I’m not sure that there is any proper evidence that wormwood is effective against wax moth.
I googled it and all if could find, at the end of a long article about the pest was “it is said that wormwood can deter wax moth”.
In general wax moth should not be a problem in a healthy bee colony. If you have wax moth in your colony then there is another problem there and wax moth has only appeared because of this.
Wax moth can be a problem in stored brood frames out of the hive. There are chemical treatments that do work and there is also a biological treatment that is effective (spraying with a bacillus that kills the larvae).