Yellow fuzzy stuff on comb?

I am new. This is my first hive. Haven’t checked on my hive in a month and I go back and there is this yellow fuzzy stuff and I saw black beetles and maggots. What can I do?

Hi Stewart, welcome to the forum. At first glance, it looks like wax moth debris. However you mentioned black beetles & maggots. It does look like debris of hive beetle larvae after they’ve been feasting on pollen. What is in the bottom tray? Can you post more photos?

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Hello and welcome to the Flow forum! :blush:

I agree with @JeffH, definitely wax moth damage. You can’t do anything, except keep the hive strong. Take any supers off if they are still on the hive. If there aren’t many bees in the brood box (they may have swarmed with all of those queen cells in that photo), consider condensing it down to a nucleus. I would also fix that bit of crazy comb at the top of the frame, before they make it any bigger. It looks like you may be using plastic foundation, and my bees have often done that with plastic. Best to tidy it up when you spot it, even if you lose some brood in the process.

For small hive beetles, I use Beetle Blaster traps filled about 1/3 full with mineral oil. You can get them from Mann Lake or Amazon. You can’t get rid of the beetles, but the traps help the bees control them. Having a strong hive, and not leaving squished bees in the hive helps too. If you don’t control them, and the hive is weak, you risk facing a “slime out”, where the beetles ferment and spoil all of the honey. If this happens, the bees will likely abscond. :cry:

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