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You can now add the number of hives you have to your profile


Test test - wonder if we can see number of hives field… ?


Your test has shown that #hives isn’t displaying :slight_smile:


Thanks heaps Bobby -

I have added a new field in the user profile - but now trying to get it to display.


Can you now see the number of hives when you click on the TestUser profile ?


Yes, refreshed to load new page code and it was there


Should change to # of hives rather than # of Flow Hives.
Most presumably will have 1 but could have many typical hives. Lends credibility to advice.


FYI - You can now add the number of hives to your profile.


Great idea… done. Not everyone is going to be adding to that field but we should lead by example.


We could send out an admin message to the membership letting them know about it and how to do it.