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2nd generation flow hive - Fake Flow Frames


I see that Faroe, a Flowhive Team member, has answered your question adequately. But, I have a little different perspective on the matter.
These Chinese rip-offs are violating the Flowhive copyright. There are probably several different Chinese companies making these rip-offs and probably to different tolerances and quality levels. How are you going to figure out if you are ordering one that comes from a specific manufacturer that may be of the higher quality? The answer is you can’t, because a company that is violating the copyright is unscrupulous. Even if the fit and finish match, how do you know they aren’t using a toxic plastic. They may say they are using food grade plastic. But, we’ve already established that the businesses making these fake frames are unscrupulous. So, you can’t take them at their word.
Save yourself the money and headache and steer clear of the fakes. Either buy the original or stick with the traditional extraction method.


I agree with that- and I had a friend who accidentally purchased some fake frames not knowing the difference. The frames were too big for a standard langrstoth and had to have parts removed so they could fit. After six months in the hives the bees had not deposited a single drop of honey in them- this was a very strong hive as well- the res of it was full of honey- he took them out and threw them in the bin. He replaced with traditional frames and the bees filled them in 4 weeks…


Well, I’m sorry your friend fell for a fake. But, it sounds like he figured it out. He’s one of the smarter ones out there. I guess once again we see that you get what you pay for…
I just hope the Flowhive Team has enough resources to combat these fakes. Unfortunately, there are people out there that will buy fake frames and blame the Flowhive Team because they don’t work, just like the person who posted above doesn’t understand the difference.
I just hope the good people at Flowhive set their price high enough to stay in business. They have a great system.


The genuine flow frames don’t fit into a standard Langstroth either.


Not sure what you mean Jeff? Yes the super has to be modified but they do fit with minor alterations. The Chinese ones I’m talking about were too long- and too tall. Resting on the rebates the frames were a few mm taller than the box. My friend had to remove a few segments to allow them to fit lengthwise. As he had a migratory lid the excess height didn’t matter but he couldn’t rotate it into place anymore.

Also they lacked the little hole that enables the bees to eat the honey left in the trough- and the plastic that makes up the cells was quite a bit thicker that the real deal- meaning the cells were all substantially smaller. And like I said- after months the bees had not touched the frames at all- despite the fact the hive was booming. He rang me to complain I went over and broke the news to him. He tried for a few more months before giving up.

It’s a shame as my friend had no idea there were genuine frames or what he was buying. He just saw my flow hives and wanted to try out flow frames and bought these ones off eBay. He should have asked me first… Now he is sticking with traditional frames as he did before.


Hi Jack, exactly what I said. I just replied to what you said about fake flow frames “too big for a standard langstroth”. I found the same thing with the real flow frames “too big for my standard langstroth”. I agree that I could have made it fit after a few adjustments. That would have meant cutting into a perfectly good standard langstroth super.


I do believe, I am a victim of succumbing to a false claim for a Flow Hive.
Things to look out for, on a false Flow Hive, with mine there were no FRAMES included brood box was empty. the bottom board was simply a board, no mesh or method to clear refuse from hive with a sliding board. The timber used to manufacture the hive was very brittle and when I purchased frames to insert, the fitting was very sloppy indeed. Instruction for assembly were very poor. No follow up advice or service whatever.
So whilst the price of the hive may have been reasonable, I regret not spending the extra, for the Genuine Flow hive, which IMHO is better constructed, better quality, better timber, fully complete hive and far better instructions AND follow up assistance.
If my first foray into beekeeping proves to be successful, rest assured my next hive will most definatly be a Genuine Flow Hive made in Australia.
B.T.W. I’m not connected with the company in any way or form, and do not receive any numeration whatever or special treatment from said company.


Sorry to hear that.

Yes, there are many reasons to buy original, one being an international warranty and ongoing customer support :slight_smile:
I recommend you email the buyer, or where you bought the fakes (e.g. ebay) to report them and see if you can get your money back.
Good luck :honeybee:


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