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1st and 2nd generation flow frames

I have had a Flowhive for two years and I am planning on getting a second one. On the Flow website they offer the original Flowhive and Flowhive 2. Flowhive 2 has a different ventilation system and a different base with an optional adjustable leg system. However, on the video from the Flow website they also mention their 2nd generation Flow frames used in Flowhive 2. Does anyone know the difference between the first and second generation Flow frames? Is there a difference?


I would be interested in the answer to that also :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

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Hi Skeggley, so are you more impressed with the original or the second generation Flow Frames? Not I am not asking you to knock either but if you could order one or the other would you like to choose one over the other or are they 6 of one and a 1/2 dozen of the other.

I asked that question too and the newest flow frames have a code on them. They only sell the latest flow frames even though they still have wooden ware from other series of flow hives The new stand is awesome and I want to buy 2 more of them for my earlier models. Call if you have questions and they will explain anything you need to k now prior to purchase.

Hiya Peter, great question, Flow say 1st and 2nd generation so I’m assuming that I have both as tooling wouldn’t be cheap and with the noticeable differences they have definitely retooled with the ones I have. As mentioned in the above link the wall thickness has thinned so they should hold more honey. I couldnt weigh as the founding frames were in use. I have both Fframes on one colony and they have treated each the same. The mechanics are the same. The wire tensioning grooves are slightly different making it a bit easier to tension with more adjustment. Essentially they are the same.
I think using the term ‘generation’ is purely an advertising angle.


Hi Brick,
You can find the info here:

How are 2nd Generation Flow Frames different to the original Flow Frames?
Both our Flow Hive 2 and Flow Hive Classic come with generation 2 Flow Frames.
These contain lots of minor improvements for better functionality, durability and to further minimise any disturbance to the bees during harvest.
These include:

  • Adjustments in the cell depth of the moving comb blade, so the movement that forms channels through the comb happens deeper beneath the bees feet for minimal disturbance, this also allows the bees to draw out their comb further.
  • A decrease in the cell wall thickness results in a slight increase in the amount of honey that can be stored and harvested from each Flow Frame.
  • The central spine of the moving parts is now more robust offering more durability.
  • An increase in the reset and lift pressure from the Flow Key is added for better functionality.
  • Added radiuses and angles for easier insertion of the Flow Frames when beekeeping.
  • Some cosmetic rounded edges have been added on the front lower transparent end.
  • Tighter securing cables hold the frame together more securely.
  • Upper and lower frame caps now have a handle negating the need for pliers to remove.

Thanks to you and @skeggley for telling us of the upgrade in the Flow Frames and what the differences are. A case of a good thing being better…