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3 Layer Ventilated Mesh Bee Suit


I got curious so I weighed them lol

Brushy Ventilated XL with zippered head gear = 3.5 lbs
Brushy Cotton Suit XL with zippered head gear = 4 lbs,
Ultra-Breeze 3 layer ventilated XL with zippered head gear = 4.2 lbs


Thank you Faroe that helps alot, I have my eyes set on the FlowHive one as it looks great. Also can use the Vouchers I received from recommending a FlowHive to someone.

Since I am the resident expert with FlowHive in my division what better way to say I am proud of FlowHive :wink:

I want to get for my birthday in December


That sounds nice :slight_smile: Good on you. You deserve it :slight_smile: Looks like both your Son and Wife also like the Flow Hive in the meet the beekeeper video :honeybee:

Make sure you email customer service if you need to combine multiple vouchers into one voucher.


Nothing better than curiosity!
So, there is only half a pound difference, 226grams, between the Brushy ventilated and the cotton. And then similar with the cotton to ultra-breeze. I guess it’s just the material used.

I think the cotton feels so heavy, because there’s no airflow on a hot day.


Hi Faroe,

My voucher does not seem to be working, Who do I need to contact to help me out.


Same email as always - info@honeyflow.com


Got my FlowHive 3 Layer Ventilated Mesh Bee Suit, I could not believe it was a light suit. I had imagined it to be heavy.

I am glad I purchased the one from FlowHive as it appears to be in high quality.

Also loved the hive tool it came with.


When we think 3 layers we think that it simply has to be heavy. So not true, a bit bulky when your not in it. Mine is Oz Armour brand but probably made of the same material.
I was so impressed I bought a second one. Maureen said she can wash one while I’m at the hives as they seem to get dusty. I haven’t had a single complaint about that from my bees.


Someone brought a mesh suit to our beekeeping club and it was heavy.

I thought at that point they would automatically be heavy. I was really surprised when I got the FlowHive 3 layer suit.

I really liked the suit


I find the ventilated suit heavier to wear than the cotton one, both from flow, especially walking up and down the slope between my little apiaries.
I do notice the difference in weight, even if it’s only 1kg. It’s offset by the difference in airflow of course.
Note to self: don’t put on any body weight, not even 1kg. Makes a difference.


Hi Dawn,

Summer ended up bad (too Hot n Dry) for much honey harvest ! Oooh well it’s my hobby n not my income. Been finding elevated mite count (big time) after a great run of very low counts all summer. Hit the hives with MAGS several weeks ago n that (for now) seems to ironed out that pain in the rear issue for the moment. Last couple seasons they got reinfected so treated with OX vapors about Thanksgiving…

Me personally: effects of the seed radioactive glow seems to be mellowing mostly now. I go in the end of this month for a PSA blood test … last Thursday I did something (not sure what) (mowing/garbage/push-ups or something) ended up with a bruised or slightly cracked rib (right side) … Had cracked ribs before n this one felt painful n crappy like others. People keep telling to slow down n act my age. I tell them I have. Today my sore rib spot seem fair n breathing is not hurting me n I can move again (not with total ease) but great improvements.

How have you been ?! Been busy with furnace repairs (‘‘tis the season to make money) n some days Vera needed more help. We have our ups n downs with her MD n Artritis stuff. The last several days she was trying to help me. She’s a tough gal. Love her bunches …

Well … that’s some of the notes, complaints, B.S n good life up here in Puget Sound.

Cheers :clinking_glasses:



Whooops ! I guess I posted this open forum ! Ooooh well life will go on !



Happy to see you are okay, even though you may be breaking your ribs accidentally :astonished:

The best way to know if you are replying to a public post or to a private message on the forum is to log in to your account on the forum and post from the topic or private message :wink:

If you reply from your email (which some people seem to do), it will reply, and you may not know if its a private or public post :slight_smile:

Lots of love to you Jerry and Vera :four_leaf_clover::sunflower::star2::stars::rainbow::tangerine::fireworks::heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart:


In case anyone is wondering, I did reply. I just took it private. :blush:


Edit: Brushy Mountain Bee Supply has closed their doors: No more awesome ventilated suits :frowning:


Good thing I have 3 of them then! :blush:


Another thought. They must have stocks of those suits. If they are truly bankrupt, and not just “re-organizing”, whoever dissolves them will probably want to sell the suits. We may be able to have a crack at buying a few up in a bankruptcy sale. I would probably buy another 3 or 4, because I think David deserves a spare or two. :blush:


I am not aware of that company here in the UK. Where they a big company in the US


Very big. In fact they got too big too fast, if you believe the rumours. They were riding the “Save the Bees” fashion wave, and expanded too fast. Shame, because they were a very good company. Good quality equipment, fast delivery and some very nice educational videos.


It’s a shame I have seem many good companies expand very quickly and go bust as they expanded too quick.