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30 hive bodies cut!


Spent my Sunday cutting 12" planks down to size. Ten deeps and 20 mediums.


That looks wonderful. Are you selling boxes or expanding into bee farming? :smile:


Oh my goodness, @Bobby_Thanepohn, I wondered why you had gone so quiet! :smile: Now I know that you have been busy persuading the family that a massive apiary is a great idea… :wink:


@Dee @Dawn_SD I only want a total of 10 hives in my apiary :slight_smile: My best friend also keeps bees so we pool our resources and time. It’s only 5 double-deep hives with 2 medium supers each.


Bobby, is that you?? Where is your beard?!?


Nah, it can’t be him… Tummy is missing too!!! :smiling_imp: (Said by somebody with a tummy herself…)


Need this set-up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2i0jDKodSw


LOL! That’s Ryan in the picture. My belly is quite intact. In fact, I may have done a bit of “ensuring” that it remains that way for the for the time being :slight_smile: