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4 frame flow hive super vs. 7 frame flow hive super for 10 frame Langstroth


I am new to beekeeping and don’t understand why I would purchase a 4 frame super vs. a 7 frame super to use with my 10 frame langstroth. Thank you.


The 4 frame setup lets you have some traditional frames if you want to do cut comb or something like that. 7 frames will take up the entire box. I believe there is also the economic part of it. A 4 frame setup lets you try the flow frames out without as much invested in it.


@PoohBear The Flow frames are wider than traditional frames hence the discrepancy.
An 8 Fame Langstroth holds 6 Flow Frames and a 10 frame Langstroth holds 7 Flow Frames.


Got it! Thank you for the information.:smiley: