6 frame Flow Hive 2 Cedar leg spacing and rubber feet diameter needed

Hi, I’m designing a hive weight scale for my flow hive and am not at home.
I was wondering if anyone knows the diameter of the rubber feet and the spacing of them from front to rear and left to right? I am referring to the threaded type feet and would like the distance from the centre of the threaded rods.
I need to buy C channel aluminium and build it before returning back home to fit it.


May I suggest to ask the Honey Flow Team info@honeyflow.com support directly and report back? :slight_smile:

Also, please post your design. I’ve been thinking about something like that myself.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll ask them.
I am going to use these


connected to an Arduino Pro mini and bolted to C channel aluminium and put under the flow hive legs. All powered by a solar panel.

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Interesting. Most “professional” hive scales I’ve seen seem to use beam style load cells. Please keep us posted on the build :slight_smile:.